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Hi all!

I am back and feeling good! I will be reviewing more stuff that people have submitted. So watch out! Nah only kidding...sort of...Any way I hope that I can continue to be the impartial critic that I have been so far! I must say however I will start avoiding the front page animations and start to review the lesser known ones instead. I only say this because if the animation is on the front page, it probably doesn't need my critical comments!

Also if you have any questions about how I judge an animation then please do not hesitate to ask!

That's all for now folks! If you have submitted something you may very well see my comment!

Hello people, just recovering from a horrible chest infection thingy...I called it David!

Anyway...just a quick update, I made a piece of Art work which I have uploaded (I got bored being ill so I thought I would do something interesting!) Hopefully I will be better soon!

Holy Muffins Batman!

2010-07-05 09:37:13 by ShdwProductions

Well so far I have only made three reviews, already people are finding them useful, it makes me warm and fuzzy inside! I'm hoping to do somemore reviews watch out all animators! It may be you I review next!!!

Holy Muffins Batman!

I'm new and I'm here to stay...yeh! Oh and I'm insane!